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After Kirk Ferentz’s golder shower in the wake of Iowa’s win over Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl last night, the Big Ten’s bowl season has (finally) ended. Final tally? The seven Big Ten teams in bowls amassed a 4-3 postseason record, including a 2-0 record in the BCS. So the Big Ten’s back, right? Uh…

I don’t think you can make blanket generalizations about one conference or another. Except for the ACC, which is horrible. But if Indiana had beaten Vanderbilt in the Yo Mama Bowl, would we be trumpeting the Big Ten’s whipping over the SEC? Probably not. Does the game lose even more significance (and reliability as any sort of barometer) when it’s played over a month after the end of the regular season? I’d say so. But that won’t stop some people from knee-jerking their way into another column about how great one conference is. Whatever.

People love to slam the Big Ten, but that’s really like slamming Catholics or blondes or that fruity-looking guy that does the travel shows for PBS. It has become socially acceptable, even if it the logic isn’t always compatible with the claim. To say one conference is weaker or stronger than another in the limited-sample world of college football will always be conjecture. Except when talking about the ACC, which, as we’ve already established, sucks balls.

And if you missed Ricky Stanzi’s little tribute to America yesterday, the video’s after the jump.

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