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Uh, one of those guys should probably be in the game.

Tiny Davidson College trounced the mighty Wisconsin Badgers 73-56 to advance to the Midwest Regional final of the NCAA Tournament and thoroughly spoil my weekend. Instead of repeating "serenity now" in stressful situations, my new mantra will be "Big Ten teams do not cover" because, well, they can't even fucking win. I'm sorry, this isn't about me or how much money I wagered on this game, it's about the little school that could and their star player:

On the red trim at the bottom of his shoes, Stephen Curry has written in black marker, “I can do all things.” 

Where the hell did this guy go to camp? We just had to sew our names in our clothes at summer camp, but I like the way Curry thinks. Forget the Big Ten maxim, I'm going to begin reciting "I can do all things" on my way through life and let a judge decide if I've gone too far.

Oh yeah, Michigan State lost to Memphis 92-74:

“It just got out of hand so quickly,” Spartans coach Tom Izzo said.

Oooh, that's a good aphorism, too. I can use that on the witness stand. -KD 

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