03.26.07 11 years ago 8 Comments

Sports bloggers everywhere are masturbating over the idea of one day joining Mr. Irrelevant's Jamie Mottram and D.C. Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg on the new DC-area sports blog show named… um… "Blog Show." Here's the first part of Episode 1, highlighted by (in order) a screen shot of a With Leather post, Mottram's dreamy blues and Gus Frerotte tee-shirt, and Dan Steinberg's hat, worn brazenly at odds with a softball shirt emblazoned with his nemesis at the Post, Tony Kornheiser. (You can watch the rest of it, where things hilariously go to shit, here.)

Why yes, this IS the slowest day I've had in five weeks. Why do you ask?

Anyway, according to Agent Steinz, whose real voice is at least 80% less tremulous than the one you hear on-air, future Blog Shows will be taped from a basement in order to provide more authenticity. In that vein, I've also offered to appear on the show in my underwear, which of course would also boost the sexiness off the charts. I'm not even sure if my nipples are within FCC standards. I may have to wear pasties.

Got recommendations for the show? I mean, besides cheerleaders? Hit up the comments. And remember, this is for posterity, so be honest: how do you feel?

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