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Holy hell, it actually happened.  Baron Davis scored 20 points, grabbed 10 boards, and added 6 assists on a gimpy hamstring, and Stephen Jackson hit just about everything from the field in scoring 33 points, but that hardly begins to describe the furious flurry of basketball the Warriors ran around the Mavs last night in winning the first-round series.  I'm at a loss for words, so I turn to FreeDarko, which has a way with them:

The Warriors took this one fair, square, and definitively, with Dallas floundering so often that it couldn't have been a function of weakness or rust. That could explain spells, but the tenor of this series was one team dominating another with a few pastures of relief. Sports fans, this is what happens when the league's best team is rendered helpless, when all its shiny devices and weathered hooks clank about aimlessly.

Golden State toppled the best team in the league, one built to do absolutely everything right, by throwing everything out the window. It almost doesn't make sense to talk basketball theory in reference to their style, since it's operating on a level that a total novice gets as well as you or I. In fact, it's so simple and naive, it's almost revolutionary… Nellie is able to play a bunch of crazed nether-ballers at the same time because he's convinced them to marry heaven and hell, to break down these walls that guide this day and age's basketball. It's hustle with a cocksure attitude, and brazen demonstration with the added credibility of hard work.

Congratulations, Golden State.  We'll see you in the second round — and I don't envy whoever wins Game 7 of the Rockets-Jazz series.

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