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The Morning Meat is With Leather’s daily leadoff post with links, scores, and more links. It’s like the two-man luge for your brain, assuming your brain was a gay Austrian. Img.

Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

AIR BALANCE SHEET? The word on the street is that the NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats will be sold, and that it will be a group led by Michael Jordan that will be taking controlling interest in the team. Jordan will have an adjustment to make from his current position with the team, VP of Sitting On His Ass And Playing Golf With Charlie Sheen.

BO KNOWS EXTENSIONS. Nebraska’s Bo Pelini just got paid. The football coached just signed an extension that will bump him up to $2.1 million a year through the 2014 season. Not bad for a coach that lost the Big XII title game.

COOLEST LOCKOUT ON EARTH. it was five years ago today that the NHL canceled what was left of its 2004-2005 season. It was the first season in over 80 years that saw no playoff for the Stanley Cup. To be fair, most people don’t see the NHL playoffs now as it is.

Scores Over Easy? We’ve Got Upsets!


UConn84, No. 3 Villanova 75.

No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • A baseball player was injured in a commercial. I thought that only happened in Joe Mantegna movies.


  • Breaking: Kevin Smith is fat. I know. I couldn’t believe it, either.


  • Gather ’round, children, and let me tell you the story of the Sharktopus.

    Warming Glow.

  • The great Manga crackdown continues; it’ll be the day when someone gets arrested for running short of breath during an episode of the Simpsons.

    Comics Alliance.

  • Remember Lindsey Vonn? I guess she has some videos out now…Bleacher Report.
  • Hey, that’s Christina Hendricks. Or as I call her, Sir Boobs-A-Lot. It’s just a matter of time before that nickname sweeps the nation. Fark.
  • I thought Joe the Plumber was dead. He says he’s not dead yet.

    On Deadline.

  • Madonna is getting behind the camera to direct. Fine by me; she’s a bit too old to be in front of it.

    Inside Movies.

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