11.28.06 12 years ago 5 Comments

All right kids, if you thought beep baseball was hilarious, brace yourself: the Blind World Cup is happening in Argentina. From the BBC:

The normal rules of football have been adapted for the blind version of the game – it is five-a-side instead of 11, and each team has a sighted goalkeeper.

Sighted goalies? What a crock. Fucking cheaters.

Coaches shout instructions from the sidelines, and so the crowd is expected to keep its excitement silent.

Must be an awesome crowd experience. You can use sign language for your cheers, but I guess it would be kind of wasted on the blind.

Players use protective eye masks and some wear additional foam protection on their heads in case of falls.

Oh my GOD I'm so angry that this is going on in Argentina and not two blocks away from me. A bunch of blind people wearing masks and foam helmets running around after a clinking ball while people on the sidelines tell them where to run? On my list of things to see, that's way up there. It definitely ranks above "World Series game," and is probably a little bit below "two hot chicks gettin' it on."

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