The Bow Tie World Record Was Broken

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08.31.11 4 Comments

While everyone believes that the college football season begins this week, SEC football fans were treated to a special preseason warm-up on Sunday, as National Bow Tie Day was celebrated. Of course I’m alluding to a popular style that fans at schools like Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia have cultivated and maintained, and that Florida fans have shamelessly stolen. But this year’s bow tie fun actually took place in Chicago’s Wrigley Square, where The Tie Bar hosted the Guinness World Record-setting attempt for the most people tying a bow tie at the same time.
According to Racked:

As the number of participants grew, so did the money raised for Goodwill. committed to donating $15 to charity for each participant to sign up at the event and will ultimately make a $7,500 donation to Goodwill. Additionally, one lucky guest also won a free bow tie every month for the next year in a raffle hosted by The Tie Bar.

I’m always a sucker for giving credit to excellent charitable efforts, so I tip my cap and straighten my clip-on tie for their efforts. Granted, it could have used more shirtless females and possibly some mud, pudding, or pillow altercations, but it is what it is. Hipsters and heroes after the jump.

(Images via Racked and NBC.)

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