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NL – Milwaukee dropped the seventh of its last nine games last night to the Reds and nerves seem to be getting frayed among the Cerveceros. Prince Fielder shoved Manny Parra twice in the dugout after Parra left the game in the seventh. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Fielder was mad that Parra was heading back to the clubhouse early and wasn't going to watch the team bat. Don't listen to his lies, Sentinel. He just wanted first dibs on the clubhouse spread. Oh yeah, Ryan Bruan also became the second player ever to hit 30 homers in each of his first two seasons, but what are individual achievements when we have middling dugout scuffles?… The rain is a much better closer than Jose Valverde. After two rain delays and eight innings of play, a 2-0 Astros win over the Cubs was called…Only now do we see the detrimental effects of Felipe Lopez on the Nationals. The Nats won their fourth straight last night, which probably has more to do with playing than the Reds and Rockies than the underwhelming shortstop, but someone has to be the fall guy.

AL – The Twins' brief reign atop the AL Central was cut down by the Mariners, who put up 10 in the 7th to win 11-6. Ron Gardenhire fumed about the bullpen afterwards, but didn't shove anyway so who the fuck cares?…  K-Rod blows his chance for his 400,000th save this season but Orioles closer George Sherrill provides the breathless excitement of a walkoff walk in the bottom of the 9th to give the Angels a 6-5 win…The Indians still own the Rays. They had to get something out of the Manhattan deal, right?… Joba Chamberlain left with a shoulder injury in the 5th, leaving the Yankees with Jason Giambi's discarded 'stache as their ace (better than Mussina). Marlon Byrd took it for the Rangers with a 9th inning grand slam off Damaso Marte…Gil Meche struck out nine Red Sox in six innings to improve to 7-1 in his last 11 starts. Hey, save it for the contract year, Gil. A $55 million deal got the Royals nine wins last year. Already 10 this season. Careful, you're pushing your signing up from lamentable to fairly regrettable.

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