The Brooklyn Cyclones Are Having A Nickelodeon ‘Guts’ Night

You guys remember Guts on Nickelodeon back in the day, right? Of course you do! It was the action sports game that asked “do ya have it?!” (No, seriously, they actually asked that.) Well, the Brooklyn Cyclones sure do, and they’re celebrating the memory with a Guts-themed fan night on August 12.

As part of the event, the minor league affiliate of the New York Mets will be offering a special package as part of their “’90s Nickelodeon Night.” For $25, fans can purchase the “Extreme Arena” package, which gets them, along with tickets to the game against State College, a replica “Aggro Crag,” the trophy that the winners of each Guts episode would receive. Also, according to the team’s website:

We’ll also include a special brownbag lunch, complete with Gushers, Capri Sun and Handi Snax. (Notes from mom telling you to have a good day, not included.)

The Cyclones themselves will be wearing specially designed Guts jerseys that will be auctioned off for charity during the game. Other activities include a “Worst AOL Screenname” competition, a “Salt-N-Pepa Push It Go Kart Race,” an “Uma Thurman Dance-Off” and more. The team also claims to offer a free ticket to anyone who can prove they were born and raised in West Philadelphia.