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It seems kind of late in the day for an NBA roundup, but sometimes news items like people getting shot and giving other people the business just has to take priority.  Besides, I'd be remiss if I didn't write about how fucking awful the Bulls and Sonics are.  In 1996 they squared off in the NBA Finals, and the Sonics were probably the best team in the '90s to lose to Jordan's Bulls.  And now they're dogshit.

Following a loss to the bag of ass that is the New York Knicks, the Bulls fell to 2-10 with a 93-78 loss in Toronto.  Raps rookie Jamario Moon went wild with 15 points, nine rebounds, six blocks, and three steals, while Jose Calderon more than filled in for the injured T.J. Ford with 19 points and 14 assists (FYI: The Basketball Jones's Tas Melas frequently contests that Calderon is a better PG for Toronto than Ford).  Meanwhile, the Sonics' hopes for a shining future in the urbane metropolis of Oklahoma City are overshadowed by a 2-12 record and an 0-6 mark at KeyArena following their 116-101 loss to San Antonio.  Kevin Durant shot 11-for-15 for 25 points, but that hardly matters when the Big Gay Three combine for 70 points.

Elsewhere in the Association: Carlos Boozer and Deron Williams's reign of tyranny continues unabated; Jazz beat PistonsCavs defeat Pacers LeBron notches fourth triple-double in 14 games this season.  Apparently that's more than most players… Jason Kidd breaks out the cookie on the Lakers as Nets don't suck for third consecutive game.

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