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This is old, but it’s probably new to some of you: Here’s the pole dance set to the Harry Potter score that you always wanted to see, but could never bring yourself to admit. You’re welcome.

Stabbed, at a nightclub in Washington, DC, Redskins wide receiver/kick returner Brandon Banks. One report claims that Banks’s insult of the defendant’s clothing might have prompted the attack. As if those Redskins with their yellow pants should talk. Also: Banks’s teammate, defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth, has been accused of sexual assault, but not charged.

Died, at age 79, Wisconsin native Bob Cook. Cook was one of four men featured in a popular credit card ad who had attended the first 44 Super Bowls, starting with Super Bowl I ( the AFL–NFL World Championship Game) in 1967. Cook made a last-minute decision to skip Super Bowl XLV in Dallas on February 6, choosing instead to watch the game with friends and family on television.

Defeated, by 13th-ranked Wisconsin on Saturday, the Ohio State men’s basketball team. The Buckeyes had won all of their previous 24 games and were the last team in Division I to lose a game. Jordan Taylor scored 27 points, 21 of which came in the second half. Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger reported being spit on by Wisconsin fans before and after the game. The Badgers close out their series with Ohio State in Columbus on March 6. Get your lozenges ready?

And now, some links:

Click on and watch the greatest shots in the history of the NBA. This is impressive.

A Valentine’s Day love triangle from way-back-when: Miss Elizabeth chooses between Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan.
Joe Montana’s Right Arm.

Wally Czezerbiak has a face that’s perfect for television. Unfortunately, his name is anything but.
Sportress Of Blogitude.

The “Album Cover Game” is one of those silly ideas that served as the framework for brilliance.
Every Day Should Be Saturday.

Here’s a funny treadmill blooper that was new to me, and probably to you as well.
Midwest Sports Fans.

Another “non-journalist playing by his own rules” piece on Deadspin’s A.J. Daulerio.
Philadelphia Inquirer.

This has something to do with pelicans and “the champagne room.” I’m sure it’s very witty.

Ten bloody video game moments. It’s that time of the month…where we talk about video games.

Like everything else, Japan does ragequitting so much better than we do.
Fork Party.

Seven Nike commercials, favorited by somebody who probably wears K-Swiss to the gym, which is totally cool.

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