The Charles Barkley Golfing Compilation Of Ultimate Turribleness

11.09.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Yao Ming has an hilariously bad golf swing, but the undisputed master of the two-sport golf swing of shame is the “swing halfway down, stop, shake around a bunch, follow through” stroke of NBA legend Charles Barkley. I don’t wan to sound like I’m exaggerating for comic effect, but on a list of the objectively worst things in the world, it’s in the top ten. Famine, child abuse, callousness, Charles Barkley golfing, war. Something like that.

‘Inside The NBA’ decided to put together all the clips they could find of Barkley’s swing, and it’s as amazing and impossible as you’d hoped. They don’t just laugh at him about it, they ask the important questions, like “who are you trying to emulate?” and “what’s WRONG with you?” Sir Charles doesn’t have any answers, he just kinda sits there rubbing his face and apologizing.

What can you say? It’s the worst. But it’ll live forever, so that’s something.

[via The NBA Mistress]

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