Here’s The Charles Barkley vs. Shaquille O’Neal MMA Throwdown You’ve Been Waiting For

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.02.14 7 Comments

Charles Barkley vs. Shaquille O’Neal is the new Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva. And just like Sonnen/Silva, it features one guy running his mouth constantly, resorting to childish name-calling and walking away with a loss.

Barkley/Shaq reached its breaking point during a commercial break on Thursday’s ‘NBA On TNT,’ resulting in an MMA throwdown that confirms your suspicions: neither guy can fight, and Shaq can win most fights by simply lying down on people. Oh God, I would’ve lost my mind if Barkley had created separation and starting shoot-kicking Shaq in the chest.

Who do I have to blow to get Shaq vs. Kimbo Slice booked?

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