The Chicago Cubs Are Bad With Money

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10.07.10 7 Comments

I’m not much of an expert when it comes to money, as evidenced by my solid gold toilets and multiple purchases from the International Star Registry, but thankfully Forbes is here to tell us when professional sports teams are wasting money. The money magazine recently released a study that determined the most and least efficient teams in Major League Baseball this season. By considering a number of factors, including blah blah blah and the square root of pi divided by zero, Forbes determined that the San Diego Padres were the big winners this year, despite not making the playoffs. The big losers? Come on, like you had to think about it.

The Chicago Cubs paved the road of inefficiency this season, spending nearly $2 million per win, compared to the Padres organization, which spent less than $500,000 per win. Basically, as the common fan can make such astute (Ed. – Tee hee!) observations as, “Aramis Ramirez is terrible” and “Alfonso Soriano is horrendous”, these numbers also show us that certain organizations have front offices that aren’t fit to put the square peg in the circle hole.

Make me feel better about my crippling student loan payments, Forbes:

The criteria for the ‘least efficient’ teams is combining high ‘costs per win’ with a non-winning season (i.e. 81 or fewer wins). By this criteria, the 5 least efficient teams from the 2010 MLB season are:

1) Chicago Cubs (75 wins…$1.96 million per win)

2) New York Mets (79 wins…$1.68 million per win)

3) Seattle Mariners (61 wins…$1.61 million per win)

4) Detroit Tigers (81 wins…$1.52 million per win)

5) Los Angeles Angels (80 wins…$1.31 million per win)

The Top 5 was, of course, led by the Padres and they were followed by the Texas Rangers, Tampa Bay Rays, Cincinnati Reds and Atlanta Braves, respectively. I’m not sure if it’s worse to overpay a team that loses or underpay a team that wins and doesn’t make the playoffs. I suppose that makes the Padres the independent filmmaker of the league, because while the product was cheaper and better, it’s still not winning anything when award season rolls around.

Fun side note, perhaps to make Cubs fans feel better or just to make Padres fans feel worse: On Sunday, the San Diego Chargers game was blacked out in San Diego while the Padres took on the San Francisco Giants for a shot at the playoffs. The Padres game pulled a respectable 11.3 rating. The Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles game that played in that market instead of the Chargers pulled a 12.6 rating. Good times.

(Forbes info via Last Angry Fan)

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