The Chicago Cubs Can’t Even Win The World Series In Fictional Wastelands

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09.19.12 3 Comments

In new TV shows that didn’t necessarily look great but I still wanted to watch and eventually forgot news, NBC’s new apocalyptic drama Revolution debuted to pretty solid ratings on Monday night. In fact, according to the network that is about to end Parks and Rec and 30 Rock in favor of shows like Guys with Kids, Revolution had the highest rated debut for a drama since ABC’s V, which caused me to say, “Oh yeah, what the hell happened to that show?”

But one of the more notable observations of the bazillion Revolution trailers that NBC treated us to this summer was a scene in which the gang was walking by Wrigley Field, which had been overrun by nature. Oh, I suppose I should point out that the plot of this show is that all of the electricity on Earth just stopped and nobody could fix it, so we couldn’t mow the lawn and trim the hedges. I’m assuming we also couldn’t manscape so I’m finally relieved that I can’t grow facial hair.

Anyway, as you can see in the banner image, the show’s writers had a little fun with the Chicago Cubs and this dystopian version of Wrigley, but a funny thing happened when the show debuted

I don’t think there’s been an explanation as to why this was cut, because from what reviews I’ve read, the producers first need to explain why they crammed 10 episodes into one. So I’m not sure if they cut the World Champions sign because they thought it was mean or if one of the producers was a classy and intelligent St. Louis Cardinals fan who just couldn’t let such a misrepresentation of the truth occur.

Either way, it would still be pretty great if the characters had pulled Andre Dawson out of the overgrown foliage.

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