‘The Cleveland Show’ Will Have A Special Baseball Episode Because It Is Still On TV

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10.18.12 9 Comments

I had no clue that The Cleveland Show, the spin-off of Seth MacFarlane’s wildly popular Family Guy, was still on the air when I saw today’s news that the show will have a special baseball-themed episode when it returns after the World Series. But apparently the show is still alive and kicking, and I don’t mean this to knock its producers and whatnot, but I always thought that if any of the original show’s characters should have had a spinoff, it was Quagmire*. But that’s another conversation for another UPROXX site.

Throwing another log on the “Simpsons did it” fire, Cleveland will be joined by some of Major League Baseball’s best players in an episode that features Peter Griffin’s black friend. Sadly, the episode will not feature time traveling Jose Canseco.

Not long after this year’s World Series, Fox’s The Cleveland Show will round the bases with an episode devoted to America’s pastime. And though Peter Griffin’s old pal won’t actually become a star baseball player during the half-hour, he’ll get close when he realizes his dream of becoming a major league scout.

We’ve got your exclusive first look at the November episode, which includes the guest voices of the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, the Boston Red Sox’s David Ortiz, the Philadelphia Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins and the Cincinnati Reds’ Joey Votto. (Via TV Line)

Above, obviously, is Ortiz, Rollins, Votto and Dusty Baker, and after the jump you can see Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier yelling at someone. Probably Magic Johnson.

While I’m not a “Simpsons did it” kind of guy, because The Simpsons used plenty of the same old TV plot devices as well, I am a “Simpsons did it better” kind of fella, and I’ll use any excuse in the book to post this video.

*Not that I want a Quagmire show, because the last thing we need is more exposure for MacFarlane. “Haha, do the Stewie voice,” said Satan.

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