The Coolest College President Issued A ‘Madden 25’ Challenge To His Students

If you asked me which state was home to Columbia College, I’d probably use my go-to answer for any question about the location of college – “North Carolina? South maybe?” Of course, you’d tell me that I’m wrong, and I’d get really defensive and insult your mom, before you’d tell me that Columbia College is actually in Columbia, Missouri, and it is home to the Cougars (UPDATE: Unfortunately, it’s not the Fightin’ Koalas, but they should at least consider it.)

Columbia College is making news because the school’s incoming president, Dr. Scott Dalrymple, has decided to issue a challenge to his students, as well as any around the nation who’d like to take a shot at the king. On October 17, as part of Columbia College’s inauguration festivities for Dalrymple, students can compete in a Madden 25 tournament, with the winner facing off against the president in the championship game. The prize? He’s buying that student’s books for the entire academic year.

Think he’s kidding? Well, he’s not. This is one serious college president, and he’s very confident that he and the Buffalo Bills are unstoppable.

The competition is unfortunately only open to Columbia students, as Dalrymple will face the best gamers among Columbia College’s 30K+ students from 35 campuses across the country. As for why they’re playing Madden 25 and not Madden NFL 15, a school rep responded in the YouTube comments that Dalrymple wants to make sure this competition is as fair as possible by picking a Madden version that people have been playing for at least a year. Fair but tough, just like an actual cougar.