The Cowboys Just Have No Luck

11.09.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

As if things weren’t bad enough for the Dallas Cowboys, it seems that the organization once endearingly known as America’s Team just can’t get anything right. With franchise quarterback Tony Romo down for the season and owner Jerry Jones breaking his own rule about terminating his head coach in the middle of a season, the franchise completely disappeared from the face of the Earth. Or at least the World Wide Web.

It turns out that someone within the organization forgot to renew the team’s official domain,, so for a good chunk of Sunday, not only was the team’s web site unavailable, but it was also available for purchase. Instead of the standard links to the schedule, roster, merchandise, etc., fans were greeted by a stock image. I like to think it looked like this.

Hey Dallas News, do we know for sure whose fault this is? I hope it’s someone noteworthy.

In the publicly available database on, the domain’s registrant is listed as Dallas Cowboys Football Club Ltd., but the specific e-mail address administrative contact is for Jerry Jones Jr., son of owner Jerry Jones and executive vice president and chief sales and marketing officer for the team.

A message to that e-mail address and a phone call to Jones Jr. were not returned.

In fairness to the younger Jones, he was busy clearing out Wade Phillips’ mini fridges and purchasing a new parking sign for Head Coach Jason Garrett. Then he had to drive away from the facilities when he called to order another new parking sign for Head Coach Jon Gruden. He’s just a busy guy, that’s all.

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