The Dallas Cowboys Showed Up At TNA Slammiversary And Won The World Title!! [Citation Needed]

Pro wrestling loves its “SportsCenter moment.”

Those are the moments when stars from the on-the-level sports world show up in wrestling crowds (or rings) to compete or just play around, and their appearance is enough to get whatever promotion they’re appearing for mentioned in passing on SportsCenter. Mike Tyson being the special enforcer at WrestleMania 14 is a top shelf example of this, as is Floyd Mayweather fighting The Big Show at WrestleMania 24. It’s great publicity, even if you have to, say, let Pacman Jones win your company’s tag team championships without being able to legally allowed to wrestle.

At last night’s SLAMMIVERSARY event in Arlington, TX, the Dallas Cowboys were in attendance to help Mr. Anderson (formerly WWE’s Mr. Kennedy) defeat Cowboy James Storm. Yes, the Dallas Cowboys helped a Cowboy lose. Sounds like every Dallas Cowboys loss ever!

Here’s “fan footage” from the event, which allows you to see the finish of the match from the perspective of WWE Sign Guy:

If you can’t tell from the far-away, blurry video, that’s defensive end George Selvie alongside Ben Bass, Nick Hayden, Martez Wilson, Tyrone Crawford and Caesar Rayford. If I know anything about Impact Wrestling, Bass and Hayden will team up to swerve and beat up Selvie by Thursday. Enter: RONY TOMO, fresh off his no-compete clause. “WE KNOW WHO THAT IS, TAZ! THAT’S RONY TOMO!”

The Green Bay Packers could not be reached for comment on why Green Bay native Mr. Anderson was all buddy-buddy with the Cowboys, but I assume their statement is, “oh for f*cks sakes.”