The Debate Is Over: LeBron Is Better Than Michael, Writes Luther Campbell

Miami Heat forward LeBron James is very good at basketball, perhaps even the best in the world at this very moment. When you’re as good at basketball as he is, though, people like to focus less on what he’s doing right now and more on how he would compare to the game’s greatest legends, because it’s just so much easier. Aside from statistics, championships and awards, it’s impossible to know how a guy from Era A would compete against a guy from Era B. Thus, 24 hours of programming becomes a very easy thing to accomplish and people can spend every day of their lives arguing over who is better: LeBron James now or Michael Jordan then.

Enter: Miami rapper and celebrity sports fan Luther Campbell, AKA Uncle Luke. In today’s “Luke’s Gospel” column for the Miami New Times, Campbell weighs in on the great debate once and for all, and the points that he makes are indisputable. The reason that so many analysts and former players stick up for Jordan, Luke writes, is because they just don’t want to admit that today’s kids are better than them. Also, because Jordan still signs a lot of their paychecks. But when it comes to a rock solid argument, Luke has it nailed.

Like Jordan, LeBron quickly realized he wasn’t going to win championships with teammates who couldn’t knock down shots when he passed them the ball. That’s why he is in Miami and is not leaving back to Cleveland. LeBron has surpassed Jordan in every facet of the game though. Jordan had to learn to pass the ball, while finding the open man is part of James’ instinct since he was winning championships at the high school level. Every dunk Jordan did, LeBron can do better. James can cover five positions on the court, even center. Jordan couldn’t do that. (Via the Miami New Times)

BAM! BOOM! BANG! Luke’s got everyone on the ropes, and he’s not about to let up now. Bring out the big guns, Skywalker!

It’s been 11 years since Jordan played a game. Every new NBA fan since then doesn’t know anything about Jordan except his old highlights on Youtube. They are tuning into watch LeBron rule the NBA.

You’re irrelevant, MJ! If today’s young fans can’t watch you play with their own eyes, from the way-too-expensive seats in the lower bowl of NBA arenas, then you never existed. But this isn’t just about what’s on the court, it’s about what’s in the clubs.

Off the court, LeBron is a better teammate than Jordan was. He would never have visited a teammate having a poor series to cheer him up like LeBron, along with Dwyane Wade, did with Chris Bosh. Jordan was always flying out to the casinos or wherever he hung out on his own. When the Chicago Bulls came down to play Miami during the Jordan era, all the players would come to my nightclub. The only one who didn’t show up was Michael.

FACT: If you didn’t show up to Luke’s club in the 90s, you weren’t the GOAT. Game, set, match. “It’s time these Hall-of-Fame NBA pundits acknowledge LeBron’s place in history,” Campbell wrote in closing, but I think it should be taken one step further. Take each of the Jordan-era analysts and tie giant stones to their testicles. Unless they admit that James is the GOAT, their stone gets tossed from a cliff. It might sound drastic, but it needs to be done. The world must recognize LeBron’s greatness for once in his understated career.