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Most MLB teams stay at the Vinoy Hotel when they go to play the Devil Rays, which many players say is… haunted!

After listening to teammates talk endlessly about the haunted hotel, young pitchers Chad Billingsley and Jonathan Broxton said they experienced weird occurrences in their rooms that couldn't be explained. However, neither would discuss the episodes Sunday. It's stupid," said Billingsley, who reportedly heard his toilet flush numerous times while he was in another room. "It's not worth talking about."

Other major leaguers and former major leaguers who have been spooked at the Vinoy include Jim Fregosi, Cito Gaston, Billy Koch, Gerald Perry, Scott Williamson, Jay Gibbons and Brian Roberts. Some Pittsburgh players were so frightened that they checked out of the hotel and stayed with a teammate's family when the Pirates were in town four years ago.

Who are these ghosts?  Judging by the way they ineffectively haunt marginal, forgettable major leaguers, I'd say they're the Ghosts of Devil Rays Future.  You just don't get that kind of mediocrity from other major league ghosts.

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