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06.09.11 40 Comments

If real life carried hashtags, there would be a big #whitepeopleproblems at the end of every story about David Ortiz flipping his bat after a home run and pissing off the Yankees. The way people have been reacting you’d think he flipped his bat, punched Mark Teixeira in the dick on the way around, blew a kiss to A.J. Burnett on his way past third and toppled a makeshift set of Red Sox-played bowling pins as he pantomimed an exploding bomb at home plate. Nope, he basically just did what he always did, and even the smallest charismatic outbursts must be smothered to death by Major League Baseball.

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Today’s Dugout follows.

The Dugout

OrtizItThisOne: oh ok so you aren’t upset with me for flipping my bat at all
GirardiAndCola: upset? pshhh, whatever, that’s just the media, the "liberal media" blowing things out of proportion again
GirardiAndCola: you know how the liberal media can be
OrtizItThisOne: mmhm, they can be extremely liberal

GirardiAndCola: but nooo, you can flip the bat however you want, just because I don’t CARE for it doesn’t mean I’m upset, heh, I mean I haven’t even heard the guys talking about it

OrtizItThisOne: ok
GirardiAndCola: mmm, have you had a chance to try Jorge Posada’s sangria? /sips putrid, clotted liquid out of brandy snifter
OrtizItThisOne: is that some kind of sex thing, I can never tell with you guys
OrtizItThisOne: one time jeter asked me if I remembered kevin maas, and I said yeah, but it turned out no, no I did not remember what he calls kevin maas
GirardiAndCola: mmm no it’s delicious /barf-swallows

OrtizItThisOne: happy you came in here and ate some crow, I was gonna tell you to "take it like a man"

GirardiAndCola: eat crow? No, I’m not Dominican, I don’t eat crow
OrtizItThisOne: /glares
GirardiAndCola: no I just wanted to explain myself, because I said "David Ortiz can go f**k himself" and the media, you know the media, they just blew it out of proportion
GirardiAndCola: A.J.’s not upset. A.J., are you upset?
BurnettAfterReading: No, I’m not upset. I was just talking to Dave Barry over at about it.
BurnettAfterReading: He’s gonna turn it into a 700,000 word essay!
OrtizItThisOne: about what
BurnettAfterReading: well, baseball, a little, but mostly some TV show … sorry, he told me, but I forgot what he said four seconds later
GirardiAndCola: Mark’s not mad. Mark, are you mad?
TeixMeix: Of course not, skip! I’m prayin’ for him!
OrtizItThisOne: you pray a lot, then
TeixMeix: Yup! I got hit by a pitch and prayed that Our Lord™ would heal my wounds. And today I feel sort of better!
TeixMeix: just goes to show you the power of prayer, and not time or our our bodies

OrtizItThisOne: cool story bro

OrtizItThisOne: nah the yanks are fine, I know you aren’t mad, I’ve hit 370 bombs in the big leagues and only bat flipped this one, against ya’ll, so you knew how much I hated and owned you
GirardiAndCola: mm it’s mostly the Red Sox who’ve been rankled. I know Tito was especially rankled.
FranconaBun: What’s rankled? My pants are rankled!

OrtizItThisOne: /facepalm

FranconaBun: what

my pants "continue to be painful and fester", isn’t that what "rankled" means

KingOfPap: my pance are rankled i slep innem
GirardiAndCola: Aren’t you supposed to be suspended?
KingOfPap: coach daddy help me peel it
FranconaBun: That’s "appeal" it, Jonathan.
GirardiAndCola: Shut up RANKLER, nobody asked you!
OrtizItThisOne: YOU SHUT UP, TAKE THIS LIKE A MAN /flips bat
GirardiAndCola: BLEAARHH
MannyTheTorpedoes: jennaman jennaman pleace yor innerupten game of spies
KingOfPap: u wan keep playen spies

MannyTheTorpedoes: k

what do spies do

KingOfPap: get spended
GirardiAndCola: He retired! He can’t be here! He’s not allowed in this chatroom! He quit baseball because of drugs and fled the country!
MannyTheTorpedoes: happen offscreen, evry1 forget no1 curr
GirardiAndCola: /gets rankled
TeixMeix: I’m sorry, did one of you say you were going to "pray spies"
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