The Easiest $500 You’ll Ever Win: Beat Brandon In Draftstreet Fantasy Football

Pro Wrestling Editor

I’m cheating this time. I’m going the Tebow route, and I’m going to read my Bible and finish first place in fantasy football with Draftstreet.

Of course, that’s not going to happen (the me winning part, at least), and that’s where you come on. Instead of a freeroll this month, With Leather has organized a cash game. The first 50 people who drop $11 dollars to play get a chance to win money from a $500 dollar cash pool, and here’s the best part: every single person who finishes higher than me wins $5.

That’s easy money, folks. I drafted Brett Favre last time. I’m not very good at this. Hell, they asked me for a picture to use and I didn’t have anything “football” to wear in it. You’re going to murder me, and worst case scenario you’ll have fun playing and be out six bucks.

CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE LEAGUE. (I’m already in last place.)

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