The East Carolina Pirates Kept The Allergies Coming In Their Spring Game

Pro Wrestling Editor
04.22.13 2 Comments

In the spirit of 7-year old brain cancer patient Jack Hoffman’s inspirational run for a touchdown at the end of Nebraska’s spring game and got his own football card comes Noah Roberts, an 8-year old East Carolina University fan with cancer who cannot stop splitting defenders in spring football.

Before you think ECU is copying Nebraska’s kind-hearted gesture (which you shouldn’t be, because seriously), Noah’s no newcomer to the inspirational football game.

He’s been a part of the team for a couple years now. His battle inspires players and coaches. Today, they got a chance to lift him up.

“He came out about two years ago and wasn’t doing too well and it was good to see him out here now still and you know it was a cool experience for him and us,” said Junior Linebacker Jeremy Grove. Head coach Ruffin McNeill said when he thinks of Noah he forgets “any hurt, or complaint, or pain that I may have. You can see how the kids reacted to Noah so that tells you what Noah means to us.” (via WTCI 12)

Noah entered the game in the final moments of the spring game and ran the ball in for a touchdown from about 45 yards out. The clip is after the jump. Come for the inspirational sports story, stay for the defense’s adorable diving tackles.

If anything’s going to become a meme, it should be “sports teams being nice to little kids.” That’s something we’ll never get tired of. Good game, Noah.

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