The Englishman Who Went Up An Icy Hill And Fell Down An Icy Mountain

Ever wanted to know what it looks like to fall down an icy mountain? Yeah, I bet this guy didn’t, either.

Dramatic scenes showing a climber’s 100ft (30m) fall down a gully on Snowdon have been published online.

Climber and a safety consultant Mark Roberts, 47, was wearing a head camera when he lost his grip despite using ice axes, plunging over rocks and snow.

“You just try not to panic and hope there’s some luck with you,” he tells the British Mountaineering Council website which has posted his film.

I’m not sure what to add other than “thank goodness this guy’s okay” and maybe “OH MY GOD DUDE YOU FELL DOWN A MOUNTAIN,” but this is one of those clips you should watch and experience. It’s really beautiful, in a way. I imagine Heaven is a lot like that skyline. I imagine Hell is like having a mountain’s worth of rocks jammed into your ass as you fall off an icy f**king mountain.

My only advice to this climber: never try Zorbing.

[via BBC]