The Final Minute Of Clippers/Thunder Game 5 Will Make You Crazy, One Way Or Another

In case you missed it, this is the final (7-minute) minute of game five of the Western Conference Semifinals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the probably-just-done-with-this-season Los Angeles Clippers. It contains some of the best basketball, least fair refereeing decisions and worst play-calling you’ll ever see.

It should give you one of two reactions:




(Editor’s note: That lady is awesome. I’m not sure if she’s celebrating or trying to summon a mythological beast. Either way.)

Other highlights include Chris Paul going from a chest-pounding superstar to a guy who can’t dribble or pass in under seven minutes, a cackling Donald Sterling dressed like M. Bison (I’m assuming) and those teen girls texting away while Doc Rivers has a total meltdown in front of them. This is good basketball.

Oklahoma City refs?