Here’s The Exact Moment A MMA Fighter Knocked Out An Opponent With A ‘Flash Punch’

Mixed martial artists have had an interesting connection with super heroes for a long time. From nicknames, like Dennis “Superman” Hallman, Kurt “Batman” Pellegrino, or Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, to the time some UFC fighters talked about which quasi-super heroes they’d most like to be.

Of course, the biggest connection MMA has with super heroes are the attacks named after characters. The Superman punch is the original and has been used to great effect, perhaps no better example than Travis Browne using it to ruin Stefan Struve’s night. Struve himself helped invent another super hero based attack with his ill-fated Batman punch against Paul Buentello.

Now, we have Nikko Glasper at Nemesis Fighting Alliance (Not a bad name for a team of super villains. Coincidence?) inventing the Flash punch. It’s pretty simple, there’s no jumping involved, you just run at your opponent as fast as possible and throw an overhand at breakneck speed. Looks like it’s pretty effective, too!