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For once it's not just the tabloids beating up on the Giants. After that epic collapse to the Titans, everyone's dissecting just how fucked Tom Coughlin is and how much Eli Manning sucks.

Long-winded egghead Gregg Eaterbrook spent seemingly half of his 9000-word TMQ column on Coughlin's failures (the other half was about astronomy and physics), and a high-ranking Giants official says that the oft-second-guessed Coughlin now faces a team mutiny, which I think we can all agree would be pretty awesome, especially if it ends with Coughlin hanging from the yardarm and Jeremy Shockey wearing a Motorola headset, brow furrowed as he reads a laminated play card upside-down.

The nail in the coffin is the New York Times's examination of the team's body language. It had two experts, Tonya Reiman and Maxine Lucille Fiel, watch tape of the G-Men Sunday in Tennessee.

“Even when they were winning, their body language wasn’t all that good,” Reiman said. “They seem to have a defeatist attitude. You see disagreement and restrained anger… It was such a lack of effort, a lack of spirit. I didn’t understand it.”

So what can the Giants do to save their season? According to Fiel,

“They need to get that other No. 10, that guy from Tennessee — Young… He’s so joyous, so joyful. You can feel his joy just watching him. He has so much energy. He’s like a dancer. Maybe he can inspire the Giants.”

Sounds like it should be pretty easy. All the Giants need to do is go back in time and draft Young. Or maybe Philip Rivers. Whatever the case, time travel is the solution. Just like always.

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