The Greatest Tire Cover In The World

Senior Writer

When I got back from Las Vegas early this morning, I had quite a few emails from readers tipping me off about the greatest sign in the history of sports fanfare at a recent Boston Bruins game. The only problem was that the sign was a photoshop from the folks at Masshole Sports and the real sign was much tamer. And as for the photoshops, I actually like this one a lot more.

Thankfully one Boston Celtics fan came through with the real deal this morning with the very inspiring LeBron James tire cover above (via Boston Bar Stool). While it’s not as universally inclusive as the greatest sports fan’s Ford truck, this tire cover is still a heck of an effort in creativity.

And I’ve often said that it would take an act of God to get me to remove my St. Louis Cardinals tire cover from my Jeep, but now I might have to re-think that.

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