The Hairiest Fight You’ll See All Day

08.20.10 9 years ago 5 Comments

There hasn’t been a good basketball fight in a while, but thankfully some good ol’ fashioned Euro ball was able to buck that trend. The Greek and Serbian national teams took their differences to fisticuffs in what was supposedly a ‘friendly’ game. A game which had to be abandoned because the fight got just a bit out of control. That’s eerily similar to my sex life. Things start off nice enough, but get violent quickly.

The 15 basketball purists in attendance may have been disappointed with the violent turn of events, but they need look no further than Oklahoma City center Nenad Kristic to refund whatever Communist currency they used to buy scalp their tickets.

Basketball teams from Serbia and Greece brawled at at the Acropolis Tournament in Athens. It ended with Nenad Krstic of the Oklahoma City throwing a chair that hit Greece center Yannis Bouroussis.

Krstic was held in police custody but has been released. –USA Today

Leave it to a Serbian to horribly imitate he saw on 80s American television. Macho Man Randy Savage would have bitch slapped Kristic for throwing the chair instead using it as a bludgeoning tool. That’s a 101 course at Pro Wrestling University, the more pain you inflict, the more money you get for cocaine. Video after the jump.

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