The Harlem Shake In Sports Is Dead, Long Live Whatever This New Meme Is Called

Around the same time that someone in the New York Mets organization said, “Hey we should do one of those Harlem Shake videos”, the crazy kids of the Internet were already neck deep in the latest meme – Hadouken’ing or Kamehameha’ing, depending on whom you ask. In this sudden photo craze, people pretend like they’re hitting their friends with energy blasts, to which I assume that our old friend Zhang Feng just laughed and said, “Pretend all you want” before blasting a hole shaped like his hand in the side of a mountain.

The first apparent sports team to try its hand, or should I say feet *snorts*, at this new meme is Japan’s Yokohama F.Marinos football club. Players Shingo Hyodo and Manabu Saito pulled off their own tributes to Street Fighter or Dragon Ball Z, and the club posted them to Twitter. Needless to say, when one sports team does something cool and new, dozens if not hundreds will follow.

As for the actual name of this meme, some sites have called it Hadouken’ing while others, including us, have referred to it as Kamehameha’ing. I think that when it comes to something as crucial to the betterment of society as Internet memes, we need to be certain that we’re 100% accurate in any descriptions. So I have written and developed a very thorough, concise argument as to which meme name is correct, and you can read it on the next page.

Candice Swanepoel says we should stop being dorks.