07.31.07 11 years ago 20 Comments

The fifth annual Homeless World Cup is presently being held in Copenhagen, which I'm sure is just awesome for the tourism industry there.  There's a wealth of comedy to be mined here, but the Homeless World Cup has excellent intentions.

The Homeless World Cup exists to be a catalyst for lasting change through the development of street soccer worldwide in a way that that creates a maximum social impact for the players involved – socially excluded, homeless people and people living in poverty… 77% of players involved significantly change their lives forever.

Whatever, they need to get their message out to Brooklyn, because the motherfuckers are still in front of the Starbucks below my apartment, every deli on the street, and the grocery the next block over from me.  I walk five blocks and get hassled on every one of them.  "Spare some change?"  "Help out a Vietnam vet!"  "Help me get something to eat."  "Do you have a minute for the environment?"  No, no, no, and yes but don't talk to me.  I just want to walk down the street, not make the world a better place.  Jeez.

But if there's something good that comes out of this — other than homeless people getting shipped to another country — it's that you can gamble on the event!  Huzzah!  We're one step closer to killing hobos for sport!

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