The Incredibly Strange Love Affair Of Kyrie Irving And @MissHawaii

When the Cleveland Cavaliers selected Duke guard Kyrie Irving with the No. 1 overall pick at this year’s NBA Draft, they may or may not have known that Irving was having some girl issues. Back in March, the sleuths at Black Sports Online discovered that Irving was involved with a girl named Jessica Jackson – calling herself Miss Hawaii on Twitter – but to what degree they knew each other was a mystery. So buckle up because we’re heading on a non-stop ride to Crazyville.
Jackson claimed that her and Irving first met through Twitter (when will people learn?) and began exchanging text messages, phone calls and Skype sessions, and since I don’t want to drag this out with boring details, she claimed it was all very sexual. Then something went wrong, and Jackson began publicly accusing Irving of harassing her to the point that she had to file a police report. So even though she claimed to be letting the law handle her problems, she went ahead and released images of their alleged texts and Twitter messages.

Then Jackson posted a series of YouTube videos about how much she didn’t care about this issue, but as angry as she appeared, I would say she at least cared a little. You know, because she threatened to stab him. That’s when Irving decided to protect himself and file a police report against Jackson, and he also wisely deleted his Twitter account, although the damage had already been done and Jackson had saved their communications. Around the same time, another Twitter account, @DukeLvr1989, was created and began posting hateful comments directed at Irving, including:

Kyrie can go to the league and make millions thats so great for him … too bad it wont bring his mother back SHES DEAD DEAD DEAD

According to the Duke basketball site SethCurrySavesDuke, the Tweeter, under the name Melissa Rodriguez, also posted a shirtless picture of Irving and she made threats of posting pictures of his penis. The account was eventually deleted.
Jackson and Irving appeared in court last week – you can watch the 19 Action News report – and were ordered to never contact each other again, which hopefully means that it’s over and done with. But with everything that BSO revealed about Jackson, it’s hard not to just stop and stare at this incredible train wreck. It turns out that Jackson is possibly a prostitute, as there are ads here, here and here that feature her pictures. She claims that the ads were created by the ex-girlfriend of 2010 LA Lakers draft pick Devin Ebanks, but the ads still exist so what gives? Oh, and Jackson was also arrested for grand larceny in 2008, when she stole clothing from the Bronx Nordstrom’s store where she was working as a cashier.
Meanwhile, Miss Hawaii 2011 is Lauren Cheape and none of her predecessors are named Jessica Jackson. Miss Hawaii USA 2011 is Angela Byrd, and none of her predecessors are named Jessica Jackson either. So if she is indeed a pageant representative from Hawaii, she’s not from the two big systems. But I’m willing to bet that she’s just calling herself Miss Hawaii because it sounds cool, which is why it’s especially stupid that major news outlets are currently referring to her as Miss Hawaii. (Sorry, just a pet peeve.)
Either way, thanks to BSO, Total Pro Sports, Slumz, and Detroit’s News Talk 1200, we have everything you need to know about this incredibly ridiculous affair after the jump. And yes, there are plenty of pictures of Jackson. SPOILER ALERT: She wants you to know she has large breasts.

P.S. – Note the leg on the bed in the background. What a multitasker.