The Indianapolis Colts Hung A ‘2014 AFC Finalist’ Banner, No Really

Andrew Luck
Getty Image

No, this headline is not a joke. The Indianapolis Colts seriously hung a banner that reads “2014 AFC Finalists.” Don’t believe me?

Told you. While it’s technically correct — since the Colts were “finalists” for the AFC Championship after they beat the Denver Broncos 24-13 to clinch a date with the New England Patriots for the AFC Title game (yes, the infamous deflategate Colts-Patriots game) — this banner is still pretty odd and, consequently, comical. As you remember, the championship game was a 45-7 Pats blowout, but apparently that didn’t stop Indy from feeling compelled to hang a banner in honor of making it to the conference title game. To be fair, the Colts have done this whole finalist banner thing before.

Now can the offseason hurry up so we don’t have to talk about things like participation banners?