The Internet Responded Very Quickly To The News That Jameis Winston Shoplifted Crab Legs

After all of the Donald Sterling news, which I still assume is far from over, we were due for a really stupid sports news story that could allow us all to sit back and laugh a little, before getting back to the more serious things that have our society’s foundation crumbling. Florida State Heisman Trophy winner and National Champion quarterback Jameis Winston is back in the news for another potential crime, but this time it’s something that would make it not seem horrible if it caused people to crack up at a press conference. According to Tomahawk Nation, Winston was allegedly issued a citation yesterday after he was allegedly busted stealing crab legs from Publix. Granted, the Tallahassee Police Department claims to know nothing of a “new incident,” but can we really just wait for verification on crab leg theft?

Is this what it has come to, NCAA? Our college athletes and star players must resort to theft so they can have their basic daily meals of expensive and delicious shellfish? FOR SHAME, MARK EMMERT! FOR SHAME! Naturally, the Internet had a little fun at Winston’s expense, and while I don’t expect the photoshops to end anytime soon, I went ahead and picked some of my favorites, because it feels good to laugh, friends.

UPDATE: Again, the TPD claims they’ve had no contact with Winston over anything like this, but still, photoshops.

(As always, please feel free to correct any of the misidentified sources with the actual sources, as I have a feeling one of these may have been lifted by a Twitter thief.)