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Meet the Jacksonville Jaguars #1 fan:

Porn star Jenny Hendrix loves the Jacksonville Jaguars almost as much as having anal sex. Now, Hendrix is parlaying her interest in professional football into a new gig as a commentator on, an internet radio show . . . One person who already knows Hendrix’ name is Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio, who called the show her first day on the job. “He was familiar with my work,” she says gleefully. “He says he saw it in a hotel." When Hendrix isn’t filming movies such as “Massive Asses 2,” “Ass Worship 10,” and “Ass for Days 5,” she’s boning up on the Jacksonville Jaguars, who take on the Pittsburgh Steelers on Jan. 5 . . . “[The Jags] won’t have a weather advantage, but they’re so hyped up. I think they’ll win,” she predicts.

So, the head coach of the Jags is a jag-off? I'm sorry, that was terrible. But what do you expect – the logical side of my brain is occupied by expert playoff predictions, while the creative side of my brain is clouded with images of back-door entries. If you'll kindly excuse me, I'm going to clear my head. -KD 

{Lion in Oil} 


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