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Unbeknownst to me, Louisville's Stereo Lounge was the site of the most hilariously awful / painfully sexy party to make sports headlines.  From the delightful and always-accurate Page Six:

Downtown at the Stereo party, Kevin Federline was not amused when organizers brought him to a table in the VIP area he deemed was too small and said, "Yo, I need a bigger table – I got six bitches with me."

After DJ AM finished his set, Federline hi-jacked the microphone from Kid Rock. K-Fed gave "shout-outs" to hot girls in the crowd and screamed, "I got four kids already – which one of you Kentucky girls wants to have my fifth?"

Anyone?  Anyone?  Okay, you don't have to have my child, but can we at least have sex?  Hello? 

There were no takers [editor's note: shocker], and a spy said Kid started to "tool" on Federline, making fun of him.

While Kid Rock was verbally jousting with Federline, his girlfriend, May Anderson, was giving her own performance. The Danish beauty lay on the floor of the club, pulled her skirt up and allowed her friends to take photos of her undergarments. "At least she was wearing them," one spy mused.

Note the spelling mistake: it's supposed to be May Andersen, with an "e."  I know because I care, because I love with a love not marred by Pam Anderson's hepatitis.  In other news, all actual male celebrities were doing something else last weekend.  Probably having sex with each other.

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