The Key Witness In The Stow Case Is Dead

08.02.11 7 years ago 7 Comments

Normally when you hear about an eye witness of a violent crime being killed, the story involves a hitman and mob justice. In the case of Matthew Lee, a friend who attended that fateful Los Angeles Dodgers game with Bryan Stow, the only assassin was food allergies. According to the police, Lee died after ingesting nuts in a salad.

Stow, of course, is the Giants fan who was brutally beaten by a pair of gang bangers at Dodgers Stadium on March 31, and has since been in a coma and only recently opened his eyes. Two men are currently in police custody, as they have been fingered by their lady friends.

Police sources said evidence against the men included cellphone records and photos that placed them at the game.

They also were implicated by Dorene Sanchez, Norwood’s long-term partner and Louie Sanchez’s sister, the sources said.

Dorene Sanchez was arrested as an accessory to the crime but has not been charged. She had appeared before a grand jury. (L.A. Times)

As for Lee’s testimony, the police say it was important but they still have other witnesses and plenty of evidence. Still, the poor guy’s family, right?

Nah, forget that! It’s conspiracy time. Thanks to the genius commenters at the L.A. Times, we now know that there are two very viable conspiracy theories regarding Lee’s death:

Theory 1: Lee had to have known that he was allergic to nuts, so of course he would have asked his server if the salad that he ordered had nuts in it, right? But after being wrongly accused of beating Stow, the first suspect – now free – researched Lee and discovered the location of his personal physician. The gangster then broke into the doctor’s office and stole Lee’s medical records to determine that he was allergic to peanuts. Then he followed him to a restaurant and poisoned his leafy greens, even though he was already declared innocent.

Theory 2: This whole thing may go much deeper. Knowing that a guilty verdict against the two gang bangers currently in police custody could mean doom, embattled Dodgers owner Frank McCourt hired a team of investigators to find out what Lee and everyone else related to Stow are allergic to so he can wipe them all out in a seemingly accidental manner. With everyone out of the way, McCourt couldn’t possibly have to pay Stow’s family hundreds of millions, and Bud Selig would undoubtedly allow him to sign the $400 million TV deal with FOX Sports and absolve his debt.

Both are equally viable theories, but they’re both wrong… it was Casey Anthony.

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