The Knicks Are The New Paper Champs

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02.28.11 4 Comments

When the New York Knicks traded for Carmelo Anthony prior to last week’s NBA trade deadline, many fans said that it signaled the return of the classic 1990s rivalry between the Knicks and the Miami Heat. And as I’ve been more than happy to point out, in the two-plus decades since the Heat joined the league. both teams have combined for one NBA title (Miami in 2006) and that came well after the peak of the “rivalry” years. But last night gave us the first taste of the new installment of Knicks-Heat hatred, and La La Anthony’s husband’s new team came away with the 91-86 victory.
The Knicks trailed by as much as 15 in the first half, but they won by doing something that many people have said they won’t be able to do very well – playing defense. Holding the Heat to only 35 points in the second half, Carmelo (29 points) and fellow Denver Nuggets castoff Chauncey Billups (16 points) led the Knicks to a hell of a statement win. But the keys to the Knicks’ victory were provided by the self-anointed King, LeBron James, as he had a layup blocked by Amar’e Stoudamire in the closing seconds of the game, and then he missed the game-tying three. I heard he also kicked a puppy. What a jerk.
After the jump, I’ve got most of the game’s highlights, with the exception of LeBron’s missed shot, of which I assume he had all footage destroyed.

(Special thanks to YouTube user nbafufu for being great at uploading NBA highlights.)

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