12.18.06 11 years ago 14 Comments

Okay, first things first: YouTube of the Nuggets-Knicks brawl from Saturday night.

Here are my correct opinioins, and if you disagree you should die and go to hell.

1. There's been some justification from the Knicks' camp that Collins's foul was justified because the Nuggets had starters in the game, were running up the score, blah blah blah. Horseshit.

2. Nate Robinson is almost wholly responsible for this mess. The foul is bad, yes. And J.R. Smith reacts a little too aggressively, true. But the situation could have ben defused if Robinson hadn't acted like a schoolyard chump.

3. Yes, Melo killed his street cred by running away like a schoolgirl after throwing the punch. But let's get one thing straight: It's not a sucker punch. The phrase "sucker punch" was made up by pussies who've never actually been in a fight. If you're not a little bitch, it's just called a "punch." What's Melo supposed to do, mail a notecard that says "Pistols at dawn"? No. You just hit a dude, and you don't give him warning. That's how Sun Tzu would do it, and nobody calls him a "sucker military tactics master."

4. Rumors are swirling that Isiah Thomas ordered the flagrant foul. If this is true — and it probably is, given how stupid Thomas is — he needs to be fired yesterday. The Knicks should have gone Minority Report on Isiah three minutes after he hired himself as coach. "Isiah Thomas, you have been fired for the future sucking of the New York Knicks."

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