The LA Galaxy Would Like You To Skip Work And Watch The World Cup

Senior Writer
06.12.14 4 Comments

According to the Los Angeles Galaxy, Landon Donovan is still pretty busy right now, despite being left off the 2014 FIFA World Cup roster for the US Men’s National Team. It turns out that he’s hard at work answering phones at the Galaxy’s office in the StubHub! Center, and nobody’s there to help the poor guy, because they all skipped work to watch the World Cup action. As if we didn’t all feel terrible enough for the American legend, now he wasn’t even invited to Becky’s party at McFroggy’s Bar & Grill for nickel Guinness shooters with the rest of his coworkers for today’s opener. Becky’s the worst. He should file a formal complaint against her and the rest of his coworkers. Sure, they’ll know it was him, but they’ll think twice before ditching work again. And maybe Becky will stop stealing everyone’s string cheese from the kitchen fridge.

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