The Los Angeles Kings Made A Margarita In The Stanley Cup Like True Champs Should

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Los Angeles Kings players Justin Williams and Alec Martinez stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night as part of the team’s post-NHL Stanley Cup Finals media tour to show off the greatest trophy in sports today, Lord Stanley’s Holy Grail. They were joined by the NHL’s Phil Pritchard, who serves as the Keeper of the Cup, and he was on hand to let Kimmel know what he could and could not do with the Cup on what Williams and Martinez dubbed the “fans’ day with the Cup.” It turns out, if Pritchard was being serious, that there’s a lot you can’t do with the trophy, including washing your pet in it or welding it to the hood of a car.

But one thing we all know about the Stanley Cup is that when it’s not being molested by the grubby fingers of celebrities from Justin Bieber to Lindsay Lohan, players love drinking out of it, so Pritchard was obviously cool with Kimmel, Williams and Martinez making a pitcher of delicious margaritas in it.

While I’m fervently pro-margarita in any situation, I would have liked to have seen the questioning with Pritchard continue. I’d be really curious to know what can and can’t be done with the Cup. Granted, I’d be way more curious to know everything that has been done with the Cup – the real, X-rated stuff and not the PG “LOL Brett Hull locked it in his car!” nonsense – because I’m pretty sure that drinking margaritas from it will give you Hep C.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti made the standard championship bet with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Kimmel also had them both on the show so the latter could make good on his bet to sing, “I Love L.A.” Of course, he cheated and had a bunch of adorable kids sing with him, but it’s safe to say that de Blasio won’t be leaving politics for a record deal.

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