10.24.07 10 years ago 28 Comments

David Beckham was named the "Manliest Man of the Year" by (soon to be renamed  On a completely unrelated note to Beckham's manliness over the course of the past year, I give you this quote from a previous interview:

“Being a gay icon is a great honor for me. I’m quite sure of my feminine side, and I’ve not got a problem with that at all. These days it’s the norm, and it should be.”

Okay, I'm gonna take off my asshole hat for a second.  In all fairness, that's a pretty honest, enlightened quote from a very wealthy athlete who seems at least relatively dedicated to his ex-pop star wife and his small herd of children.  I won't shit on Beckham for his style or for the injuries that hampered his first MLS season.  But the manliest man on the planet?  Ahead of bruisers like Justin Timberlake?  COME ON!

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