04.11.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

The esteemed Hooters restaurant in Augusta, Georgia, played host to the Hooters Par 3 Bikini Contest, and if you can get past the crowd of creepy white guys drinking beer and staring, Don Chavez has a gallery full of silicon and spray-tan that goes well with its natural symbiotes, gym memberships and low self-esteem.

Judging by this photo, it appears that the blonde in the center came in first, while the brunette on the left earned the prize for runner-up, which I'm guessing was a pair of orange shorts, puffy white athletic socks, and a Hooters t-shirt she can cut up any way she wants by the time her first shift starts tomorrow.

In other, more boring Masters-related news, Tiger Woods finished at par yesterday, while someone named Trevor Immelman presently leads at -6 overall.  Coverage begins on ESPN at 4:00, if you like to watch pretty green grass on TV while people talk quietly.

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