The McCovey Cove Hot Dog Kayak Is The Most American Thing Ever

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05.06.13 2 Comments

The World Series Champion San Francisco Giants are one of the hottest teams in all of baseball today, as they defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-3 yesterday to complete a three-game sweep of their rivals and reclaim a one-game lead over the Colorado Rockies in the National League West. But while people across America were donning sombreros, serapes and fake mustaches as they chugged overpriced Coronas and licked Sauza out of the navels of sweaty coeds, all in the name of a holiday that nobody really understands, the Giants and ESPN were reclaiming May 5 for America.

A gentleman named London Van Der Kamp took to a kayak in San Francisco’s famed McCovey Cove and he rowed from person to person, awarding free hot dogs to the fans in water. Judging by the photos, Van Der Kamp gave away a total of two hot dogs, maybe four if he was being generous, but it’s still the thought that counts.

It’s certainly better than the most recent giveaway at Marlins Park, which offered fans the chance to pay the stadium’s utility bills.

(Images via MLB)

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