The Mets Are Procrastinating

09.18.06 12 years ago

After their win last Thursday, the Mets had a magic number of one. Then they went to Pittsburgh and lost three straight games. Wait, did I miss something? Were they playing the Steelers? Because the Pirates couldn't beat a red-headed stepchild.

Apparently almost 35,000 people attended the last game of the series — that's over 90% full at PNC Park for a team that's 24 games below .500. On a Sunday afternoon in September. In other words, the Pirates should send a nice gift basket to the NFL for scheduling the Steelers for Monday night. Not no shitty gift basket, either. One of those nice ones with green apples and maybe some aged cheddar.

Oh, and Pedro Martinez cried after giving up five runs in three innings on Friday night. Way to rally the team, Ace. Pedro's leadership reminds me of FDR. Crippled.

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