The Miami Dolphins Know Who Screwed Up

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09.14.11 15 Comments

The Miami Dolphins were supposed to start the season with a Top 10 defense. After all, cornerback Vontae Davis boasted that he and Sean Smith make up the league’s best secondary tandem. So how did that work out for the Dolphins on Monday night against the New England Patriots? Well, Tom Brady threw them on a pinball machine and helped himself to 517 yards and 4 touchdowns, of course.

How in the name of Don Shula’s neck wrinkles did that happen? Easy – it was all Benny Sapp’s fault. Much like last year’s equally embarrassing MNF loss to the Pats, when Miami fired special teams coach John Bonamego, a finger had to be removed from Jeff Ireland’s nose and pointed at someone. This time, the ax landed on Sapp, who was cut by the team yesterday.

“It’s a hard decision to make,” Sparano said. “I know how hard this guy works. Nobody works harder than him at what he does. Special teams is a hard area because there’s a lot of hands involved in that area.

“What I mean is the players have some responsibility in that area, too. And the players change a lot in that area. Our players also need to take responsibility.” (Miami Herald)

And today, the Dolphins have moved forward by moving even farther backwards. They re-signed Will Allen. Normally, this wouldn’t be much of a newsworthy story, as crappy teams make crappy decisions all the time. I just think that this is the first step in what is going to be an entire season of exceptionally crappy decisions by Sparano as he tries desperately to save his ass. I’d like to see the Buffalo Bills top that.

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