The Miami Heat May Have LeBron James, But The Spurs Have Danny Trejo

Game 1 of the NBA Finals begins at 9 PM ET on ABC, as the Miami Heat visit the San Antonio Spurs for a repeat of the 2013 Finals, which the Heat won with an exciting 95-88 Game 7 victory. According to a SportsNation poll that has made the rounds plenty this week, NBA fans everywhere but Florida want the Spurs to win, while the smart gambler probably still has his money on the reigning back-to-back NBA Champs because of that whole LeBron James is the greatest basketball player in the universe aspect of the series.

But the Spurs at least have the advantage of one of the biggest badasses in show business being on their side, as Danny Trejo stopped by the locker room this evening to declare that he is starting over Tony Parker. Okay, maybe he was just joking – although the Spurs would seem to be the logical choice for a 70-year old player – but Trejo could at least make himself useful by stopping Pitbull from recording anymore sports anthems.