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That can’t be legal, can it?

As a blogger in demand (as opposed to a blogger on demand – who in their right mind would pay $4.99 to watch me type and eat Bagel Bites?), I am a very busy person. More often than not, I do not have the time to read an entire article – I will usually just read the headline and skim the first paragraph and assume a good writer would ensure that all of the pertinent details are located therein.

That is why I am shocked – shocked! – when I saw the above headline. It is appalling that not only do Major League Baseball clubs engage in such a deplorable act, but they have no problem whatsoever it being reported. Now, do they literally chase the boy, in a twisted, molestation based send-up of Surviving the Game?

I simply hope this Yusei Kikuchi fellow survives this horrifying ordeal. It is wholly unacceptable as well as terribly immoral to put any person into such a terrorizing predicament. Major League Baseball should be ashamed.

I guess it could be worse – Kikuchi could be an innocent, young Thai woman (like the one in the below video) just minding her own business, riding on a scooter before getting accosted an beaten by an angry Thai man.

Sweet Jesus. What in the hell was going on there? That’s not even funny. That’s just awful.

I guess no one is reading this anyway. You all stopped paying attention after the first paragraph, right? Wait. I’m not a good writer. Nevermind.

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