The Most Adorable Hockey Fight Ever

Senior Writer
07.27.10 16 Comments

As someone who has often volunteered with youth sports leagues, I’m a huge proponent of teaching sportsmanship at an early age. But sometimes when I’m hitting on hot moms, I fail to keep my eye on the action and the kids can get a bit heated. I would never necessarily endorse violence in youth sports (unless my congressman finally passes my bill to legalize Extreme Newborn Cagefighting) but in some cases you just have to respect style.

Take, for instance, these little Marty McSorleys. Despite obviously being on the same team, they’ve had enough of each others’ antics. Mazza clearly means business as he eyes his prey, and when he’s done with the scare tactics, it’s time for the gloves to come off. “Prepare to eat your teeth,” I imagine he yells before raising his tiny ham fist to crash down on his teammate’s cranium. But then mom has to ruin the fun for everyone. Aw, mom!

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